12 Outreach Marketing Blogs to Bookmark

Because of the fact that many influential marketers share the inner workings of their brains through blogging, I have been able to carve a happy career for myself as an outreach marketer.

Following bloggers who write about marketing and digital PR has been more beneficial to me than any course I took in college and I do believe that with the time, dedication and proper library of blogs—we are fortunate enough to learn any skill we want and weave our own creative paths.

So, I’m excited to share the blogs that have shaped my own outreach marketing strategy for GroupHigh because these thought leaders can help put any marketing strategy on steroids.

  1.  Jay Baer’s blog, Convince and Convert is a treasure trove of thought leadership posts in the outreach marketing world. I highly recommend subscribing for a daily digest of his content. Jay has done a fantastic job of curating guest authors as well as posting his own content regularly.
  2. Social Media Examiner is always the blog I recommend to anyone newer to the world of digital, social media and outreach marketing strategies. They publish daily and each of their posts exists as a guide for a variety of topics. Posts are always heavy with images and resources to really help their readers.
  3. Neal Schaffer has done a great job of getting bloggers to own a topic and publish on their topic once a month on Maximize Social Business. Topics are largely social media marketing focused and great for all skill levels.
  4. Gini Dietrich is one of my favorites and her blog, SpinSucks is an amazing resource for all things outreach marketing especially if you are more digitally PR focused!
  5. Obviously I have to site our GroupHigh blog as the sole purpose of the blog is to help every level of outreach marketing enthusiast refine their strategy through inspiring case studies and actionable tips.
  6. Econsultancy’s blog is another one of my favorites especially because it’s powered by research and I’m a huge fan of data.
  7. HubSpot runs a fantastic inbound marketing blog. They have a variety of authors tackling all aspects of inbound marketing. This is surely a great resource when polishing your outreach marketing strategy.
  8. Social Media Explorer is a fantastic blog that tackles all areas of social media marketing. Mid to advanced level topics are usually covered so this is a great one for a seasoned outreach marketer.
  9. Social Media Today is one of my favorites because a handful of posts are published a day and encompass a wide variety of outreach marketing topics because the blog has hundreds of contributors.
  10. Lee Odden’s blog TopRank marketing is one of my go to blogs to enhance my own outreach marketing strategy. Lee writes a lot about B2B digital marketing and is a thought leader in the content marketing world.
  11. Brian Solis’s blog is very on top of current and potential future digital marketing trends. The blog often publishes great research too.
  12. prTini is great blog that captures the overlap of PR and content marketing. Great for outreach marketing inspiration and strategy refinement.
Do you have a favorite outreach marketing blog to add to the list? Please share!

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This blog has inspired me to start my own blog. I loved the way you described your experiences throughout.

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