10 Ways to do Better Blogger Outreach

I was at the gas station the other day and came across some guy who had stopped his car in a manner that blocked everyone from leaving the gas station. “do better” someone yelled out the window at him.

After I was done laughing hysterically in my car, I thought what if we told ourselves (and others too) to “do better” in all that we do?

Well, if we all do better blogger outreach, here is what that would look like.

Enjoy these 10 ways I came up with to do better blogger outreach and by all means add in your suggestions in the comments section!

  1. Read the about me page. It contains the bloggers first name, gems of information to use in your pitch and often has information on how the blogger likes to work with brands. Knowing all of this can instantly equip you to write a successful pitch and build a strong relationship.
  2. Create a network instead of running a campaign. Having a network of brand ambassadors or bloggers who love your brand is so much more effective than one and done projects.
  3. Be specific. Think of niche topics that all of your bloggers should write about on a regular basis and only reach out to those bloggers.
  4. Try reaching out to the little people. Look at content quality and fit over numerical criteria.
  5. Always send a “thank you” whether it’s in the form of an email or a little gift. Crazy how long of a way kindness and appreciation goes.
  6. Create linkable assets with the bloggers’ audiences in mind not yourself. Meaning you create an info-graphic that would entertain them, a white paper that solves a pain point you know they experience or a video that educates on a topic of interest.
  7. Create a multi-channel plan before reaching out. Not only can this help you narrow bloggers down but you can also make use of the other networks that bloggers are on.
  8. Create audience personas. Kinda like buyer personas but dive in to what type of blogs your target consumer would follow and what types of blogs posts they would seek out.
  9. Connect with your bloggers on a personal level. Show personality in your pitches and ask questions about their lives (not in a creepy way please).Who wants stuffy relationships
  10. Implement a campaign in which bloggers are able to share an element about your brand that is personal and relatable. Give bloggers an experience as opposed to a simple product to review or content to regurgitate. Things like blogger events, planning an outing for a blogger to your retail location, sending brand items they can use in their everyday life, etc make for a more enjoyable blog post.

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