10 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Work with Bloggers

1. According to Technorati’s Digital Influence Report, blogs are in the top five sources of trustworthy information. That’s right up there with the advice one gets from their friends or even their mother! Thus, if bloggers are saying good things about your brand and writing about an experience they have with your product or service, their audience actually trusts this recommendation and is more likely to act on it.

2. According to the same Technorati report, Influencers are MOST active on blogs. 86% of influencers say they have a blog. The cool thing about bloggers is that they need to promote their own blog so they are also active across many digital channels, the blog is just a good starting point for you to establish a relationship in which the blogger can share their view of your brand on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Bloggers are also easier to search for on granular levels using very specific keywords and reach criteria. If you’re a GroupHigh user you can even search by bloggers who have a presence on any social media channel(s) that works best with your campaign.

3. Bloggers write about niche based topics not genre like traditional publishers. This means their audience is super targeted and when you find bloggers who align with your product or service niche, through the blogger you are reaching many people who actually do want to hear about your brand.

4. They offer great PR and are usually willing to review products and services from experience. What could be better publicity than that?

5. BlogHer did an extensive study on just how influential bloggers are and how much consumers trust them. They found that 81% of the online population trusts advice they get from bloggers.

6. That same study showed that 61% of consumers has made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blogger. Well, that’s huge.

7. Bloggers can be your brands greatest advocates. When treated well and exclusively they will become big brand fans and write about your brand often.

8. Bloggers fall in to that sweet “mid level influencer” spot. Most of the ones you will work with are not huge influencers like Justin Bieber, instead they are in the middle of the spectrum and studies show that working with more mid-level folk is more beneficial than working with the higher reaching people.

Read this analysis on The Real Time Report. A study on word of mouth campaigns found that action and social mentions are driven more effectively by what they call the “power middle.” These mid-level influencers have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.” Guess what else? This tactic wasn’t only more effective, but it also cost less.

9. The good bloggers, to get where they are, have a way with words. Their posts are fun to read, visually driven and creative. This surely beats out ads that consumers are now blind to.

10. Consumers don’t want to learn about a brand from the brand itself. They want to learn about it from a trusted third party. Obviously a brand is going to be biased about themselves and consumers understand that. Bloggers are that perfect third party who can get to know your brand and tell their eager audience all about your experience. So treat them well!

What kind of advocate for blogger outreach would I be if I got you all excited about working with bloggers but didn’t tell you how to implement campaigns with them? So, here is a list of my favorite posts that will make you an expert on blogger outreach.

The best place to get started is by viewing this SlideShare presentation on blogger outreach for beginners.

Check out this post on best practices for connecting with bloggers.

The most important part is to craft a pitch bloggers actually want to read so check out this post on advice from the bloggers you’re pitching.

Speaking of pitching, here are some templates that you can use so you can ensure your sending out posts that will accrue actual responses.

Interested in starting your blogger outreach campaign in house, luckily there is this complete guide.

If you have a lot of time on your hands read this ultimate guide to blogger outreach by Kristi Hines. It’s full of helpful links to additional resources.

This post is great for PR pros. It talks about transforming traditional tactics in to modern ones that line up better with what bloggers expect.

The best way get inspired in terms of your own campaign strategy and creative elements is to look to other campaigns done well. This ebook contains the ten best blogger outreach campaigns, well, ever.



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