10 Crazy Simple Ways to Make Your Influencer Outreach Emails Stand Out

One of the biggest point I hear when it comes to reaching out to influencers to build a brand is that it’s hard to make a pitch stand out. Marketers know the value of partnering with real people to reach new consumers and are fighting tooth and nail to establish partnerships that their competitors don’t have.

Thus, the initial outreach email has become the strongest backbone of a good outreach marketing campaign.

The following ways are 10 simple ways to personalize your outreach emails to the influencers you want to work with and stand out against the thousands of other emails they’re receiving!

Multi-channel approach

Of course email is the easiest way to reach out to influencers but reaching out across many channels increases response rates.

Try commenting on blog posts, tweeting at them and sharing their content across your own channels before sending that first email. If the influencer recognizes your name they will be way more likely to actually read your outreach email.

Find a nugget in their “about me” section

This may be the most successful pitching tactic I’ve found when it comes to getting on a blogger’s radar.

Try going straight to their “about me” section of their blog to find something to comment about in your subject line or introduction of your email.

Reference a mutual point of reference

Whether it’s a fun fact about them in their bio, similar tastes you guys have or kids that are the same age, include in the intro of your email what you have in common on a personal level not just in the world of influencer outreach.

Please note: you don’t want to be creepy. Reference something that is easy to find or the influencer talks about often.

 Follow up with a tweet

As of right now there is not spam filter on tweets so after you send your email send a simple tweet to the influencer “I sent you an email for a collaboration idea that I’m excited about!”

Offer something right away

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we don’t do things for other people unless we are getting something in return. Make it apparent in your email right away what you are willing to give the influencer in return for their product review or shout out.

Be personable

While the ability to communicate with anyone at any time has opened some really cool doors, it also has made communication SO BORING!

Don’t send another one of those pitches that contain no personality or excitement. Be friendly and email like a human talking to a human. It’s amazing how many robotic pitches are floating around, no one wants that!


Making yourself available for questions and conversations following up to your email is crucial. Make it apparent that you’re there for any and all questions and provide the best contact email.

Offer inclusion

One of the most effective ways that brands are working with influencers is by including them in the brand decisions and network instead of treating them like an extension.

In your very first email, suggest the option of working together on an ongoing basis. This is way more appealing than a pitch for a “one and done” campaign.

Leverage your own network

Just like you, influencers want to get in front of new eyeballs!

In your outreach tell them that you will share their posts with your network.


Confidence is sexy in all areas of life. Influencer outreach is no exception. Coming across as confident in your brand and what you’re offering for a mutually beneficial relationship is fantastic.

What additional tips do you have to make an influencer outreach email stand out!? Please share in the comments below.

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As someone who’s on both sides of this – a blogger and a marketer – I’d say that being authentic is the most important. I do appreciate when someone does take the time to read my about page or a recent post, but that’s quickly becoming as common as name personalization in an email subject. I think showing a blogger how your product/service REALLY connects with them/what they’re writing AND what you can offer them/what you expect from them is the way to stand out. Or even just an intro email “Hi, I’m xx from xx. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I’m here for you as a resource if you’re interested in xx.

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