10 Blogger Outreach Dos, Don'ts and Next Level Tactics

Whether you’re new to outreach or you’ve can do it in your sleep, it’s always wise to check in on your method once in a while.

With the nature of my job, I get to talk to marketers and PR pros from big and small agencies and brands. I love to ask what works and what doesn’t as well as make note of interesting tactics I hear about.

I also love to share what I know and have gathered with fellow PR and marketing pros, enjoy!


1. Personalize the email by crafting it to each individual blogger—even if you are reaching out to 200 of them. This includes taking the time to find the blogger’s name so that you can address the blogger on a friendly level.

 2.Reference a post so that the blogger knows you actually read their blog. Also cite said post as your reason for reaching out or your reasoning that the two of you are a good fit.

 3. Keep in touch with the blogger even after you get your mention.

 4. Find bloggers on a granular level by diving in to their common niche post topics and only reach out to ones who cover the niche your brand falls in to.

 5. Keep in mind that baby bloggers grow up to be big bloggers so reach out to bloggers on all segments of the spectrum.

 6. If applicable, send the blogger a free product or service trial from your brand with no strings attached for feedback and a sincere post.

 7. Provide the reason why you are reaching out and what you would like to gain out of a relationship with the blogger. Hyperlink when necessary.

8. Keep the pitch short, sweet and friendly. Bloggers have limited time so they don’t want a really long pitch but they also don’t want a dry and boring one either—show your personality!

 9. Engage with the blogger before reaching out via comments, tweets, Facebook shares, etc. This way they’ll recognize you when you show up in their inbox.

10. Give a blogger a call to action for your call to action. It’s okay to be transparent about what you’re hoping to gain whether it’s leads, website traffic, product purchases, etc. This will give them a direction for their post.


1.Mass email bloggers.

2. Address your outreach email to. “Dear Blogger.”

3. Reach out to every blogger in your genre, make a niche list.

4. Choose bloggers to establish a relationship with numerically, instead, search contextually.

5. Treat blogger outreach like a one night stand.

6. Ask for a mention without giving them something in return. Whether it be financial compensation, inside information or SWAG from your brand.

7. Forget to sprinkle in a little creativity and personality in to your pitch.

8. Discount the value of an organized campaign. Monitor for your mentions of your brand and track the success of your earned posts.

 9. Reach out to a blogger without reading the blog.

10. Underestimate the value of a good subject line. Be creative without being gimmicky.

Next Level Tactics

1. Try pitching your blogger on their most prominent social media channel instead of emailing them. Twitter doesn’t have a spam filter…

2. Send the blogger a product or trial of a service from your brand without any strings attached. If they like it, they’ll write a sincere post.

 3. Recognize the bloggers who wrote about you in the past. If you are a GroupHigh user you can gather up these posts by typing your brand in to the “post content” filter. Send them a thank you, some SWAG or even a funny t-shirt. This way you are rewarding advocacy which keeps it strong and stops it from waning.

4. Reach out to blogs that link to your competitors. Some brands call them “low hanging fruits” because they already have proven themselves interested in your niche.

5. Consider a product giveaway in which the blogger gives away something from your brand. An entry can include anything from a sign up form, blog post or a simple tweet.

6. Search for bloggers by location and invite them to an event. This is a great tactic for restaurants, sports teams and any other campaigns that want in person coverage. Need a little inspiration? See how The Harlem Globetrotters did it.

7. If your campaign or product truly contains an “awesome factor” have the bloggers sign up to be part of it and then you can filter them by context and stats that are important to your campaign while creating some exclusivity surrounding your campaign.

8. Pick an emotion that you want your blogger outreach campaign to elicit. Nostalgia is a good one. Wendy’s is my favorite example of this. They reached out to bloggers and had them try their new Frosty and then right about a memory that the Frosty evoked.

9. Get in touch with your buyer personas. Put yourself in their place when they would do their blog reading and Googling. What types of blogs do they follow? What types of posts would they most enjoy? What problems can your brand or product solve? Use your answers to these questions to get uber specific with your blog targeting.

10. Try to have fun. The most successful campaigns have an element of creativity and fun.

What dos, don’ts and tactics would you like to add to the list? I love good input, cheers to a fantastic discussion in the comments below!

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