The Best Tools for Managing Blogger Relationships on Social Media

Whenever your brand or agency is performing blogger outreach on a regular basis (or planning to), you will be spending a good bit of time communicating with bloggers. The following are some good tools to use to organize the bloggers you want to talk to and keep communication with them easy to manage.

Twitter Lists

The easiest place to find bloggers to follow is on Twitter. And the easiest way to get those bloggers in one place is by adding them to a Twitter list. To start one, just go to a blogger’s Twitter profile and click on the dropdown next to the Follow button. You can then create a public or private Twitter list and start adding more bloggers to it following the same process. Once you’re finished, you can see their latest tweets and reply to them as needed.


Twitter List


This will keep you on the forefront of their minds so that when you approach them with a new pitch, they will feel like they know you already. Just be sure in the case of larger blogs that you are connected with individuals from the blog as well as the main blog account itself. Otherwise you might not get noticed along with the hundreds of other tweets they receive regularly.


If you plan on creating a lot of Twitter lists, you may not want to just rely on the Twitter platform itself to manage them. HootSuite allows you to add multiple Twitter lists side by side in tabs to keep them easy to monitor and organize.



There are other platforms similar to HootSuite such as TweetDeck and SocialBro which also allow you to manage your Twitter communication. It’s just a matter of finding the right one with the best features to suit your needs.

Don’t want to miss any important communication with a blogger on Twitter? takes you one step further into relationship management by helping you see the most important people you follower along with any unreplied messages from them.



Not only that, but if you have multiple team members managing your brand or agency’s Twitter, they can see any conversation history you have had with specific bloggers.



This way, they can easily follow previous conversations and respond appropriately.

 Facebook Interest Lists

If you are using your personal profile to work with bloggers, then Facebook Interest Lists will help you put all of the pages related to the blogs you work with in one grouping. To start one, scroll down to the left sidebar of your Facebook newsfeed and find Interests. Then click Add Interests to start your list.

Facebook Lists


Once you’re finished, you can see each blog’s latest updates in one newsfeed.

Alternatively, if you are managing communications with bloggers with your brand or agency’s Facebook page, you will need to use the “Use Facebook as Your Page” option to like each blog’s page and interact that way. Unfortunately you can’t access an Interest list using your page, but the pages you like using your page will show up in the newsfeed when you are using Facebook as your page.

Google+ Circles

In terms of the size of social media audiences, most bloggers will have the least number of followers on Google+ compared to Twitter or Facebook. Hence, you might have an easier time getting to know a blogger better on that network.

The best way to organize bloggers you want to follow on Google+ is by adding them to circles.

Google Plus


Once you have added bloggers to specific circles, you can follow their latest updates as well as post specific updates targeted to them. Be sure to comment on their updates as opposed to just +1 them if you really want to get their attention.

What tools do you use to manage your blogger relationships on social media? 


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