Getting the Most Out of Your Guest Blogging Opportunities

Whenever you embark on a guest blogging strategy for your own agency or for your clients, you have the chance to build authority, grow your social media audience, grow your mailing list, and increase conversions. In this post, we’ll cover how you can get the most out of your guest blogging strategy to see real results for your business.

Find Highly Relevant Blogs

When it comes to guest blogging, the goal is to place your content in front of blogs whose audiences are likely to include potential customers. You don’t need to submit your content to every blog under the sun – just the ones that have the potential to send a lot of qualifying traffic back to your website.

 Build Authority by Creating Quality Content

Some marketers look at guest blogging as just another way to build links, and to achieve this goal, they submit low quality content to tons of blogs. But this isn’t the approach you want to take for yourself or your clients.

Instead, you want to create the best content possible in order to build authority for your own agency or for your client’s business. Consider that each guest post you submit could be the first impression a potential client will have of your business. The last thing you would want is for that impression to be a bad one.

 Include Social Links in Your Author Bio

Want to grow your social media audience? Be sure to look at other author bios on the blog you are submitting your guest post to and see if they allow links to your social profiles. Some will allow links to all of the top networks while others will only allow you a total of one or two links.

If you can only have one link, you will want it to go to your website for obvious reasons. If you can have two or more, determine which social network you want to grow and include that in your author bio.  Focus only on the networks you use the most – there is no point in sending them to your LinkedIn profile if you do not use it much or plan to connect with others there anyway.

Also, if your blog post has anything to do with a particular network, you should definitely include that network in your bio. If people love your tips about using Facebook, they will likely want to become a fan of your page to see those tips in action and learn more from you than they will want to follow you on Twitter.

Link to a Free Download Relevant to Your Guest Post

Let’s say that your digital marketing agency is submitting a post to a social media blog on social media strategies. If you want to get more mailing list subscribers, you should consider creating a free download (report, whitepaper, ebook, etc.) that goes in-depth about social media strategies. This way, once people are finished reading your post, they will be primed to follow the link in your author bio to your free report and happy to submit their email address to learn more.

Offer Readers a Discount

Everyone likes to feel special, especially blog readers. Consider offering a special just for readers of a particular blog preferably one with a large-sized audience. The blog owner or editor will appreciate the fact that you are extending something special towards their audience, and the audience will be ready to sign up if your content leads them to needing your products or services. Just be sure to make your content informational, not promotional. While people like to buy, they don’t like to be sold, especially in a guest post.

Become a Frequent Contributor

Regular readers of a blog tend to notice when someone is writing for their favorite blog over and over again. You can start by submitting guest posts to several blogs in your industry, and if you see a good response from one or two of them, consider becoming a frequent contributor. Even if you just submit a post once a month, that blog’s audience will become more familiar with you, and that recognition could easily lead to more traffic to your website, followers to your social networks, subscribers to your mailing list, and sales of your products and services.

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I completely agree with you that guest blogging generates good amount of traffic, but my question is how to get quality blogs as many good blogs don’t allow us to post as a guest blogger. What technique are you using to search blogs ?

Susan Wowe
Susan Wowe

I think your "link to a free download" is really a smart idea. I enjoy reading your article.

Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines

It's something that definitely works towards turning your guest posts into leads!