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Key Takeaways from The Outreach Marketing Summit

Last week we hosted the first Outreach Marketing Summit. And I say first because it was so awesome that there will be more virtual conferences from GroupHigh to follow. An entire day was full of online presentations by some of the top thought leaders in the digital marketing and PR world. Over 1,500 people tuned [...]

The Anatomy Of A Successful Influencer Outreach Email

The Anatomy Of A Successful Influencer Outreach EmailHaving worked “client side” for the past four years, I have grown accustomed to the people selling to me, rather than me selling to the people. This sales process often begins with an outreach email, introducing their product or service. While a select few of these emails served [...]

Where are Your Super Influencers Hiding?

Did you know that some of your most powerful influencers are sitting under the same roof as you! Your fellow employees can give your brand a voice and open you up to a whole new network of consumers…. A big component of outreach marketing is being aware of everyone in the sphere that revolves around [...]

Why Am I Just Now Hearing About Hoverpost!?

Earlier today one of my tweets was favorited by Hoverpost. I’ve never seen them before so I clicked around their Twitter and Googled their name. Surprisingly, there was not a whole lot of relevant information on Hoverpost(I later found out they were a brand new company). I found a link to their site on their Twitter and checked them out.

You Guys! Influencers are EVERYWHERE!

Marketing and PR pros have incorporated some component of influencer marketing since the beginning of time. The word “influencer” has just been shoved down our throats lately so hey, let’s go with it.

However, so many articles and strategies focus on influencers who reach far and have a digital presence. This is great, don’t get me wrong. But, we’re forgetting something. Influencers are EVERYWHERE.