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GroupHigh’s blogger intelligence software helps you identify influential blogs, automate research, and measure engagement to make outreach marketing more successful.


Awesome Client Case Studies

Lorna Jane Finds More Influencers With GroupHigh
With a goal of creating meaningful and long term relationships with influencers to increase brand awareness, Lorna Jane needed to grow their blogger outreach program. They found their answer in GroupHigh’s online blog intelligence software.
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Craftsy Sees 60% Increase in Response Rates with Blogger Outreach
Finding the best bloggers to activate is one of the most important
factors in a successful outreach campaign. Using GroupHigh’s powerful
discovery tools Craftsy reaches out to bloggers with a message that’s
directly relevent.
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Chuck E. Cheese’s Takes Family Entertainment to a New
Level With Blogger Outreach

With the help of M/C/C, Chuck E. Cheese’s was able to leverage
the power of the mom bloggers to build long lasting relationships with
more than 600 and generated more than 74 million monthly unique visitors.
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What’s Possible With GroupHigh’s Blogger Outreach Software?

Find More Bloggers

GroupHigh’s one-of-a-kind blog search makes it easy to build the perfect list of bloggers based on topics, content, location, and more.

Relationship Management

Say goodbye to your static blogger spreadsheet.  GroupHigh replaces your spreadsheets, does your research for you, tracks your outreach, and keeps your blogger data up-to-date.


Create blogs lists more quickly while collecting target blog posts, acceptable tactics, contact information so you can personalize your pitch.

Productivity Tools

Quickly import ‘top blogger’ lists from across the Internet and save blogs to your GroupHigh lists at the press of a button.

Blog Reasearch Automation

For years blogger outreach has required hours of research. GroupHigh gives you traffic, social, seo, and contact information instantly.

Social Media

Search, Filter, and Sort to find and prioritize your blogger outreach based on which bloggers are active and building communities on popular social networks.

Tons of Best Practices

Learn best practices on topics including blogger outreach, influencer management, pitching influencers,
and measuring outreach campaigns.

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